Heat (emptysound) wrote in didz_monkey,

dinie had to write an improper story assignment....

Didz' Drinking Disaster

Once upon a time there was a young boy named Didz. He was very handsome and everybody admired his crazy hair-do. In fact, his hair was so shaggy, sometimes it seemed as if a squirrel had settled down on his head. But people appreciated his courage for unconventional looks and his utter self-confidence. He was so flamboyant that he could not bring himself to stop talking. But Didz was not content with just being the best-known boy in his hometown. He wanted popularity! He wanted fame! He wanted to become a rock star! Unfortunately, he was not a very talented musician so Didz looked for a band who would play the instruments while he could fully concentrate on entertaining the audience with his monkey dance moves. A bunch of young men were easily found and together they formed "Didz Hammond and the Floppy Fringes". His band's work was soon critically acclaimed. Everyone loved their music and they sold thousands of records. While the band was busy working in the studio, Didz did the thing he loved most. He gave many interviews where he was able to talk hours about himself. When on stage he would not waste his time with monster guitar riffs or killer key changes. he would dance uncontrollably and simply be himself! And how the audience loved it! Consequently, Didz earned a huge amount of money with practically doing nothing at all. Of course, an important aspect of Didz' new lifestyle was celebrating his sucess. In the evenings he would usually continue dancing wildly and drink a lot of alcohol. His favourite drink was vodka red bull. It combined both the advantages of alcohol and sugar and furthermore the caffeine contained in the red bull intensified his lively behaviour. But everxthing has disadvantages, as well. So it happened that one day Didz' woke up with serious stomach aches. In fact, his pain was so strong that he even stopped talking. His freinds were really worried about his condition and therefore he was brought to hospital. His bowels were badly damaged by alll the drinking things were not looking rosy for Didz. The doctors feared for his life and there seemed to be no cure for his disease. But although he had never done anything useful for his friends, they gave him the most tender loving care. And after a long time of struggling and fighting Didz miraculously recovered. He felt stronger and more vivacious than ever before. He knew that everything that had happened had a purpose. Didz decided to change his excessive way of life. "I won't make the same mistakes again!", he thought. "Vodka red bull has only caused me harm. All the alcohol has intoxicated my blood, alll the sugar has damaged my guts. I will give up vodka red bull forever. I will drink vodka coke instead!"
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