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A bit late but...

Congrats the lovely Didz and his ladee who gave birth to a mini female didz, Nico Eva Mary Hammond. Hurrah.

How fucking cool is she gonna be!

*claps* *drinks*

Oh and he's not gone into complete hibernation as him and Jon will be djing in Brixton on saturday. Although i can't go. boo.
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awwww baby!!!!!

Congrats to the happy couple!

i'll toast to that. :o)

then again...i'll toast to anything.
i can't go either BOOOOOOOO
why not, you're still on these shores aren't you?
Nico? like the chick from velvet underground. at least he didn't name his baby Apple like Gwen and Chris!
yeah, i like it, it's quite rock n' roll without being stupid. wooo the Didz.
I must admit it's better than many others. Jemaine Jackson named his son "jermajesty" no that's torture! It would be funny if his baby grew long blonde hair and played tamborine for TCTC.
Cuuuute! Who is his girlfriend, anyway? What does she do?

And oh well about Brixton! It's not like Tom was going to be there! ;)
haha that's a good point, no tom, no lipsy! :P

His gf seems lovely, she works for the bbc, she's some kind of producer.


June 18 2004, 04:57:22 UTC 12 years ago

what's didz 's real name?
also, where did tctc get thier name from?
no one gets questions around here answered, do they?;)
i just saw the cooper temple clause minus didz , a couple of hours ago on the curiosa tour .....they were the best fucking band on the 2nd stage!
haha sorry, this community has been pretty dead.

Didz' real name is david. and tctc's name is still a mystery, there are many theories which i can't be arsed to go into but the general consensus is that it was just random and awkward like they wanted.

Glad you had fun.
thank you much;)